The AL-Y59 is a high-end, large diaphragm, tube condenser, “pop top” microphone featuring a NOS 12AT7WC vacuum tube, a 12:1 Luke Audio T14 output transformer, 10dB pad, and only the finest hand selected components. Supplied with any Luke Audio Capsule you choose! From light and airy, to full and warm, the Y59 will supply you with the tonal characteristics you desire!

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The Y59, was designed for use in pro studios, home studios, broadcast, and even live applications. With it’s unmatched ability to faithfully capture a vast array of sources correctly and naturally, you will find that the Y59 shines on vocals, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, piano, strings, brass, woodwinds, and ANY source it is put in front of. At such a great price point ($750), and having the ability to expand your tonality indefinitely with additional capsules the Y59 is completely unrivaled in the pro-audio world and an absolute must have for a mic locker of any size.


The Y59 uses only the finest hand selected components, hand soldered in house. Its circuit consists of a polystyrene input coupling capacitor from the capsule, Elna, Wima, and Nichicon capacitors throughout, 1% resistors from PRP and Ohmite throughout, and an Erse polypropylene output capacitor pushing the Luke Audio T14 12:1 output transformer.