Y Series Microphone Capsules

The Y series microphone capsules are mounted in our Y series headbasket and are compatible with all Luke Audio Y series pop top microphones: AL-Y56, AL-Y56 Black Magic, AL-Y59.

Each capsule backplate is precision machined and hand lapped to extremely tight tolerances then sent to the Luke Audio “Clean Room” to build. In the “Clean Room” each diaphragm is made by stretching a piece of 1 Micron thin Mylar and coating it with a layer of pure Platinum via our state of the art Cressington sputter coater machine. Each capsule is meticulously assembled, tested through a vigorous and time consuming process, and fine tuned to ensure each capsule of a given type is exactly the same as every other one produced by Luke Audio. The Capsule is the most important part of the microphone. It is the head of the chain and the transducer that physically interacts and captures the movement of air from the source material. If the capsule is not the absolute best (as in most microphones which use the same mass produced imported capsules) then you must compensate for the below par capsule in the construction of the circuitry or furthermore with EQ, therefore loosing some of the life and reality that is present with a “perfect capsule”. At Luke Audio we pride ourselves on building only the “perfect capsule”.


A2 – 67

A3 – 47

A4 – 800G

A5 – C12


$249.99 ea

Capsule Type